Michiru / Doji Teruko

Peasant Merchant suspected of being a Maho Tsukai


A peasant woman


Stayed at the Inn at Ishikawa Mura with her Yojimbo Keinosuke
Escaped Ishikawa Mura to the North
Reported to have been seen in the Scorpion Lands
According to Mirumoto Chiaki was drinking and consorting with Hida Kayo they returned to his room and then a scream was heard
Currently being chased by Seppun Hirohide
Known to be operating in the City of Lies
Taught maho spells to a peasant woman and had her planted in a tea house on Teardrop Island
Owned the House of the Clouds opium den and used it as a base, visiting once or twice a year
Makes a yearly trip to the Dragon lands in late fall, returning in early spring with a shipment of “Spices”
Posing as Doji Teruko, a young Crane woman known for her artisan skills and raised in Wall Above the Ocean Village by Asahina Kanehari.

Michiru / Doji Teruko

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