Daidoji Matoko

A Crane trained by the Shinjo Outriders


He is real good with a bow.


When the Unicorn returned to Rokugan they became fast friends with the Crane. To strengthen ties between the two clans marriages were arranged. Matoko’s mother, a proud Shinjo agreed to the marriage on the condition that the first born son be trained as a Shinjo Outrider.

When he was eight years old he was sent to the Unicorn lands to be trained. He has not been home since.

He holds onto his Crane heritage dying his hair white, and having the symbols of both the Crane and Unicorn on his armor and clothes. He tries to emulate what the Crane are known for being courteous to all, while also being compassionate like the Unicorn.

Duty: He serves the Emerald Magistrate both for his own honor and because he stands as a cultural half-breed. He is afraid of going home to the Crane because of his upbringing so he put it off by taking the position offered by his current lord. He is terrified of going home to the Crane because he fears that his family will reject him, that he is somehow compromised by his time in the Unicorn.

Due to the rapid change his life has gone through and the harsh training he went through in the Unicorn lands he is a rather shy individual who will generally leave the talking to other people unless no one else is willing to speak up.

The Unicorn find him a little odd but like him and see him as an adopted brother. The Crane fast friends of the Unicorn also find him strange. The Daidoji consider him their brother and a crane. The rest of the families don’t know what to make of him.

Since seeing the vast plains that the Unicorn ride upon he has sought to see the whole of the empire. To hear their stories, to eat their food, and to know everything he can.

He dreams of a place and is searching the land for it.

He rides his horse Sora.

Major relationships:
Mother: She has not seen her son in years but is proud that he is following in her footsteps. She waits for the day that he will arrive at their home on a Unicorn steed.
She is a part of the Emerald Magistrate.
Father: His Father is proud that he seems to be growing up an honorable samurai who is serving the empire. He wishes dearly to see his son again and is saddened that he has not been able to come home.
Siblings: He does not know if he has siblings as he has not been home.

Hana: A year his senior. Hana was his inspiration and to him was everything a Crane should be. He has not seen her for many years and she stopped responding to his letters fueling his fear of rejection.

Shinjo Nobu: Five years Matoko’s senior. Nobu was Matoko’s teacher at the Shinjo school. Nobu is like a big brother and cared for him during his transition into the Shinjo. He taught Matoko almost everything he knows about the bow.

Iuchi Sora: The same age as Matoko. A dear friend of his. She embodies the Unicorn Bushido of compassion utterly. More than anyone she understands Matoko’s situation and helped him greatly when he came to Unicorn lands. She dearly wishes to help him get over his fear and recognize that his unique position is not something to loathe.

Daidoji Matoko

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